Past Dream’s of Mine

April 2006 Dreams of Jesus Second Coming and The Depravity of Mankind’s Heart

I’m sharing these, because one morning I woke up with the thought that I needed to share these with others and asked God not to let me forget to do it… So here goes…

4/30/06 – Several weeks ago I had a dream about fishing and it seemed like the water was deep and we had to fish deeper, but there were many fish. Then last week I had another dream about fishing and the water was more shallow and there weren’t as many fish. The second dream was almost an exact repeat of the first except the number of fish and a few minor details. Because of this I felt that the dreams meant something and were from God.

I believe God put the thought in my head about the meaning of these dreams. In the Bible Jesus called a couple of his disciples and told them that they would be fishers of men. I related the fishing dreams to mean that there were many fish to save (men and women) but now there are less. I was thinking maybe that God was validating my belief that we’re nearing the end of fishing season and His return is near. And maybe He’s also letting me know there’s still some more, although not as many that need to be saved so I need to be patient a little longer. I’ve been really anxious for His return lately because of problems at home.

4/30/06 – I also had a dream last week where the Rapture was actually happening. I saw others surrounded by a bright white light and pulled up towards the sky and then felt myself being lifted up also. I don’t know what happened after that because I woke up. I don’t remember war or anything going on when this occurred.

4/30/06 – There was another dream too, it had this man in it that I’d seen before and he created a disease and the cure so that he could rake in the money on the vaccinations to prevent the disease. I woke up from the dream and thought about it the rest of the day until I figured out who the guy was. I remember the guy from the Movie MI3 (Mission Impossible 3) My dream was the exact same scenario. The only thing I can figure is that I’ve been thinking about vaccinations because my daughter Jessica is going to do a presentation in speech class on the dangers of vaccinations.

When thinking about the depravity of mankind’s heart I believe that it’s entirely possible for evil men to create/mutate viruses such as the bird flu, then offer a vaccine for it too. What a perfect money machine!

Past Dreams I’ve Had…

I’ve had a lot of dreams in the past that I didn’t write down. I didn’t start writing them down until 2006. Many dreams I’ve had included the following subjects: My body flying above rooftops; bears, sharks, snakes, tigers, and volcanoes – usually I was trying to escape; being chased by demonic spirits – these didn’t stop until I turned around and rebuked them in the name of Jesus; I visited heaven and hugged Jesus but didn’t see His face; I was in heaven and saw loved ones; and there was one I had several times but don’t remember all the details but it involved a cave and seeing Jesus. I even had a dream where as I was about to wake up that I was praying the Lord’s prayer.

God can speak to you through dreams, but not all of them are from Him. Some are just your subconscious mind, some could be from the enemy Satan and some are from God who speaks comfort, learning, truth, wisdom and warning into your life. Pray for discernment dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Be encouraged though, God is speaking to His people through dreams and visions in these later times that we are living in.

Seek God in all things…

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