Justice, Forgiveness, and Transformation
Hunt, Dave Apr 1 2008
The Berean Call

“Critics find it incredibly cruel that eating forbidden fruit should result in today’s world of painful and deadly diseases, poisonous insects and reptiles, the suffering of innocent babies and children, wars, murders, rape, theft, and other horrors that continue, in pain and sorrow, to spell out human history. Yet Adam and Eve’s seemingly insignificant act was done in defiance of their Creator. The rest, as they say, is history—the history of persistent rebellion against the God who created mankind to be the recipients of His love and blessing.”

“Here we are today, 6 billion-plus little egos, reaping the awful consequences of our own selfishness. We cannot blame God for today’s world but only ourselves. This is not the world God made but the one we have made in our defiance of Him.”

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