The New World Order is Unfolding

So what is the NWO/The New World Order???

“The New World Order is both a concept and a group of people that promotes world domination by manipulating the economic, political, technological, educational, religious and medical systems around the globe. Led by some of the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet, it is a ruthless and lethal force.”

“All plans of the New World Order seek to completely enslave humanity, says radio host, filmmaker and journalist Alex Jones. He calls various factions of the NWO the elite, banksters, globalists, eugenicists and the Illuminati, to name a few. Jones also calls them scum, trash and filth.”

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I never could have imagined the things I’ve learned about the NWO – New World Order in the past 10 or so years.  I was so shocked and dismayed and could hardly believe it at first.  I felt so betrayed and it was shocking to realize the wickedness behind it all.

Maranatha,  Kitty <^.^>

Secret Societies Now Rule the World! Watch the hand signs in the video…

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