Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Dream

July 2009 – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Dream of Warning…

7/04/09 – Within the last week I had a dream that I was at our house we’re at now and upstairs. My daughter was in her room and I was in my room and I looked down the hallway and a wolf came up the stairs and was standing in the hallway growling and coming my way. I kept thinking I have to close my door, I have to close my door, but then remembered what about my daughter? Then I woke up. The first thing on my mind when I woke up was that a wolf in sheep’s clothing was in our midst ???

7/27/09 – I think I might know who the wolf might be. A doctor that I made an appointment with for the kids and I. Believes himself to be a Christian but is utilizing some new age practices. We saw him one time only. My daughter was very uneasy and said red flags were going up a lot for her being there. I called to make an appointment the first week of July and we had our first appointment on July 11th. I emailed the doctor and told him that we were really uncomfortable with the Chi Kung Healing that he was doing. He’s been calling and emailing me and trying to make it okay by telling me he sees a couple of pastors and tonight sent me an email about a devout Christian seeing him also. Even gave me her phone number to call and talk to. I’m not buying into it because new age practices have crept into churches today.

8/2009 – Upon thinking about this dream further I remember that there were other wolves in the dream back on the stairs, but not coming after me yet. Hence more wolves in sheep’s clothing.

8/15/09 – My son told me tonight at dinner that some guy online had offered to give him $300 for his birthday. He said he would send a money order. I warned my son not to accept the offer and not to give anyone any information out about himself. People don’t just come and offer that much money for your birthday, esp when they don’t even know you or just met you. That’s a big red flag of warning.

Definition of the term “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”…In English, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” has become a common metaphor for any hidden danger, or for any enemy putting on a false display of friendship.

Beware Christian brothers and sisters, the enemy is in hot pursuit of us! Be graceful as a dove and sly as a fox!

Blessings, Kitty <^.^>