Pray for the Lost Dream

November 13th, 2009 – Pray for the Lost and Finish Reading Zechariah

Upon waking this morning God reminded me to pray for the lost and reminded me to finish reading the book of Zechariah in the Bible (KJV). I did finish reading it and upon reading it noticed something interesting. I only thought the four horses of Revelation, were in Revelation, but learned that they are listed in the book of Zechariah too and in the same chapter 6. If you want to check it out look up Revelation 6 and Zechariah 6. Each lists separate characteristics and facts about the horses. (I’ve been praying for the lost since 2006.)

… Last year, at least I think it was last year anyway, I learned from Chuck Missler on a study that I did on the book of Zechariah that the four horsemen of the book of Revelation are different from the horseman in the book of Zechariah. At first I thought they were the same ones but they are not.

Blessings, Kitty <^.^>