Attacking Bears and the Economy

March 31st, 2010 – A Destroyer is Coming Dream

I am perplexed over the dream I was shown this morning. I don’t remember all the details but saw a leak of water under the cabinets in a kitchen. I saw myself on a boat on some body of water with my family. It was a fairly good sized boat. I saw these people in another smaller boat and they were trying to make friends with us. I saw these people in another part of the dream in a snowy place waking up two different colored bears out of hibernation. The first bear was black and fierce looking. The second bear was white and fierce looking also. I felt like these people that awoke these bears and trying to be our friends were going to let these bears loose against us to devour us and take what we own. I told my family to have nothing to do with these people anymore. At some point in this dream I woke up for a few minutes and on my mind was the thought that our enemy Satan goes around to see who he can devour. I went back to sleep and continued the dream. A friend’s name popped in my head during this dream so I contacted her and shared my dream with her.

I found out this friend had a similar dream six days before I had my dream. Her dream contained a big brown bear that was going round killing people and eating them. She said she also knew of a couple other people who had similar dreams recently also. (03/26/10)

Here’s what she told me about bears: A bear represents a destroyer. It can mean financial loss as in a bear market or financial collapse. It also represents a danger, a predator, and cold blooded brutality. The bear is the symbol of some pagan religions such as Odin/Artemis. It represents a predator spirit.

In her dream she felt like God was telling her that this bear is a wicked predator type spirit that is targeting people. The people who came to stop the hunt of the bear are our own brother’s and sister’s in Christ. They will defend this spirit and protect it at all costs.

She believes God is warning us of what is to come since a bear is linked to false religions. I believe this spirit is somehow connected to the pagan new age groups that are rising up in our times. Either way, the bear is a predator and in all our dreams it was attacking people and killing them.

She told me, in your dream the water represents the word, the spirit of God and it is flowing. The black bear represents evil and darkness and can be easily identified. The white bear represents those close to you who have an appearance of righteousness and goodwill, but inside are dangerous and full intent of hurting or killing you. Like whitewashed Pharisees.

Furthermore, this dream is a warning for you to be careful of those who try to befriend you. You will be able to recognize the black bear right away, but the white bear may catch you off guard. Either way, both bears are vile, wicked and murdering spirits set on destruction. Be in prayer seeking discernment. Since your family invested in the stock market, I don’t think it is coincidental that the stock market has a phrase “Bear Market” and refers to economic and financial loss.

Pray about this and seek the Holy Spirit on all things. God is warning His people that a wicked spirit this way comes.

Oct 3, 2011: Attacking Bears and The Economy

Just had a nightmare with bears in it again. They were terrorizing a town and attacking people in their homes and injuring them. Got up cause I didn’t want to continue that dream. In the recent past bears have usually meant finances or the economy in my dreams.

In my email this morning I also got the following items:

* Notification that there was a small 4.5 earthquake in Kodiak Alaska. Kodiak is a type of bear.

* Newsletter from Andrew Strom and here’s what it said: On Friday the Economic Cycle Research Institute declared a recession as beginning in the USA. This caused quite a stir in financial circles, since for 25 years the ECRI has never made a wrong call in these matters.

What did the Argentina financial collapse look like? Watch the video below called “Argenina’s Financial Collapse – Documentary.”


Adrian Salbuchi is interviewed on InfoWars – “Chains of a Global Debt System” …


Judge Napolitano Interview – “The Government Can Steal Your Money”


Pastor Lindsey Williams explains what the Global Elite have planned for the next four years 2013 – 2017. Always remember their plans are not set in stone but this is what they’re planning at the moment. And most importantly always remember that God’s plans always trump anyone else’s plans.