What Does Worthy to Escape Mean ?

Worthy to Escape? A teaching that some believers will be left behind because they are bad???

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Comments and Answers… Worthy to Escape by CarpentersDaughter

Comment: Jesus said 5 out of 10 bride maids did not/will not go in.

Answer: If you read on you will also see that Jesus says to these 5, depart from me for I NEVER knew you….meaning they were never ever saved. They NEVER had the Holy Spirit. They were people who thought that their works were good enough and when the Bridegroom called, they NEVER had any OIL which is the Holy Spirit.

Comment: I must disagree with you on this one. The Bible says we must be ready and that our garments must not be defiled. He’s talking to Christians! Those that are not ready WILL be left behind.

???: Jesus was talking to his disciples (believers) when he said to watch and pray always to be accounted worthy to escape. If they’re already saved then why would he tell them to watch and pray in the 1st place if they’re going no matter what they do?

How do you explain away  Luke 12:46, Rev 2:22?   There are others too.

Answer: The Church had not begun when Jesus spoke to His Disciples but the bottom line here is, how does any Believer be worthy? Do our works make us worthy?  If so, then why did Jesus die for our sins?

Jesus is speaking to a crowd not yet understanding what the Church was or the age of Grace is. Look at Peter, he’s a perfect example of not understanding the Church or Grace when Jesus spoke to them.

Our worthiness can only come from Jesus, and not from our works.

Dr. Dwight Pentecost said this on the subject: “If the rapture includes only a portion of those redeemed, then the body, of which Christ is the head, will be a dismembered and disfigured body when it is taken to Him. The building, of which he is the chief cornerstone, will be incomplete. The priesthood, of which He is the High Priest, will be without a portion of its complement. The bride, in relation to whom He is the Bridegroom, will be disfigured. The new creation, of which He is the Head, will be incomplete. Such is impossible to imagine.” 1

“God’s WORD is so much MORE than a compiling of 66 books penned (as the Holy Spirit directed) by 40 people! Every word, every number, every color, every symbol, every structure has PERTINENT MEANING. Every story of Old Testament people, every historical recording, every prophecy written–ALL point to JESUS and His amazing work in some way. AND it also tells of God’s plan–to reconcile a fallen creation back to Himself after mankind fell into sin (Man’s SIN is THE ACT which gave the Title Deed for the earth to the devil).”

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