The Dream About the Nails

December 12, 2011 I had a strange dream. I don’t remember all the details. I just remember there was like a flood of water covering the land in a certain area, then when the waters receded there where these piles of six foot long nails in a couple places. I remember this feeling of wonderment of what the nails were used for while dreaming.

Couldn’t really say what the dream really meant if it meant anything. I’ve been pondering it though, because it sticks in my mind for some reason.

The water and nails remind me of things that happened to Jesus when he walked the earth. The water reminds me of his baptism and the nails remind me of his death on the cross. But the size of the nails could have only been used on a giant of a man.

Hmmmm….. is Jesus bigger than we think he is? Is our concept of who Jesus really is too small? Is he so much more than any of us can comprehend? I believe he is.

When someone is baptized they usually are immersed in water to symbolize death and when they arise from the water it is symbolic of a new life in Christ. (Death and Resurrection) So it is interesting that the nails were under the water and revealed when it receded.

Maranatha, Kitty :<^.^>