The Judgement and Mercy of God

12/13 2011 – A couple weeks ago I finished reading in the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. (KJV) While reading this book I learned the following things: God is just and he is merciful. He warned the people of Judah many, many times before he punished them for their sins. They were worshipping idols and sacrificing their children to false gods and would not repent of their sins/wickedness. Even in judgement God thru Jeremiah told the people that if they would humble themselves to the King of Babylon before his army laid the first siege to the city of Jerusalem, they would live. Some humbled themselves but many did not and it did not go well for them and they were slain or died of plague and starvation.

Jeremiah was even thrown in prison for speaking God’s truth/word to the King and the people of Judah. They did not want to hear what God was telling them. They would not repent and turn from their sinful ways and as a consequence God was forced to punish them. He did not want to punish them but he had to. God is just and holy and cannot let sin continue in people’s lives. Sinners must repent and turn from their sins and seek God’s grace and mercy. When they do this with a humble, obedient, repentant heart God will forgive their sins. If they would have repented and turned back to God they would not have been overtaken by the Babylonians and taken into captivity for 70 years.

While reading this I pondered how much this sounds like the world we live in today. We sacrifice our precious little ones on the alter of convenience and end their lives with abortion. We say it’s okay for two men or women to marry one another. Our idols come from the entertainment and sports industry. We do not defend the poor and the widow. We have forgotten the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us and have forsaken his love. Then we wonder why things are in such a mess? Very sad…

Judgement is coming for us too. Sooner than anyone can even imagine. I hope you know Jesus as your Savior? Time is short and the storm clouds are on the horizon even as I write this. Are you noticing the signs?

To God Be the Glory, Kitty <^.^>

If you want to learn more, please read the book of Jeremiah for yourself. Before you start, ask God to open your heart to the truths in his word.

To do an in-depth study of The Book of Jeremiah with Chuck Missler check out the audio series at the following web link: