Weeping of the Holy Spirit

Sept 7, 2012 … Today I had a weeping of the Holy Spirit came upon me in the morning after I got up and dressed for the day. It was between 11am and 11:45 EST. It was really intense crying and weeping for no apparent reason. I was wailing from deep within me and I was NOT terrified but I think my adult children were freaking out and I was able to take a break to tell them I was okay. All I can say is Wow! Be in prayer everyone for your families and for America.

~ Maranatha, Kitty <^.^>

Update: Sept 14, 2012 … When I wept in the spirit on 9/7/2012 I wasn’t sure what was going on because there were no words only heart wrenching weeping. Since then the Muslims have been attacking American Embassy’s around the world and murdering people right and left and the wars predicted in the Middle East are in the process of being played out as the world marches toward Armageddon. Be in prayer, be in much prayer everyone.

~ Maranatha, Kitty <^.^>

Update: November 22, 2012 … as the days have been unfolding I have been watching prophecy unfold at a faster and faster rate. The people in the US elected a man that will take us on a path of destruction and a New World Order. Israel is on the verge of war with her neighbors that will escalate into the Psalm 83 war and eventually Armageddon. We are closer and closer to the event known in the Bible as the Rapture/Harpazo/Gathering Together of the true saints of God. It is right at the door. For those of you who are my Christian brothers and sisters if you have not already done so, please examine your life and your heart. Repent and ask forgiveness where needed and draw closer to Jesus for the time is at hand when the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or tribulation is going to start. Pray for your family and friends and those who are lost. Reach out to them as the Holy Spirit leads you.

~ Maranatha, Kitty <^.^>

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