Angles are Awaiting the Trumpet Blast

The Angels are awaiting the trumpet blast…

posted by Sister Za Bug on Facebook on another’s FB page, Dec 22, 2012

My husband and the children, and I were in prayer. I was asking God about when his return because I was concerned that the children’s hearts were growing weary of watching (they are young). We stepped outside and saw a huge hole in the sky with so many, many, many bright stars that I have never seen before (like the days when I was a child and saw clearly with no chem-trails). The Lord spoke and said, what you see are not stars but angels that are awaiting the blast. It will be soon. Before this, I had a dream in which the spiritual winds were like hurricane strength and grabbing the children. I cried out to God to help me and I heard him yell, “Get the children in the Ark, Now!!!”. I woke up and knew what he was saying. Get ready for his return. One other dream was bombs and fire. Everything in America looked unrecognizable and Obama was so pleased with himself as he was walking down one of the streets. There was death and destruction every where. It was so terrifying that I had to use the bathroom afterwards. My heart had a new motive of prayer after that. I am not one to run around and tell everyone about my dreams or talks with the Lord, never felt led. But, after visiting your wall, I wanted to share this with you. You are not alone with what you are hearing from the Lord. But, I am sad that the warnings are falling on deaf ears….

Above video was posted on: November 10, 2012; A message to the waiting bride of Christ.

Mark’s YouTube Channel:

444 – Biblical Number; 44 = Judgment of the World

About Biblical Numbers:

Here’s some of what I’ve been seeing. God’s warning through numbers, believe it or not. It’s happening to many other Christians and not just me.

I’ve been seeing many of these numbers:

3:16 = (John 3:16) For God so Loved the World … , My daughter started noticing this first a couple years ago. (2011) Then I started seeing it too, most often when we were together. I think this was the awakening process the Holy Spirit used to wake us up to the fact that he can speak through numbers. The other numbers didn’t start until a couple months ago or so. (Jan/Feb 2013) The numbers below. I see the 44’s and 14’s, everyday now. These are JUST CONFIRMATIONS of what those who are watching already know is at the door.

44’s = Judgement of the World; Including 4:44 = Damascus
14’s = Salvation and Deliverance (Rapture)
13’s = Apostacy; depravity and rebellion
12’s = Governmental perfection
11’s = Disorder and Judgement
10’s = Testimony; Law and Responsibility
09’s = Fruit of the spirit; Divine completeness from the Father
08’s = New birth; New beginnings
07’s = Resurrection; Spiritual completeness; Fathers perfection
06’s = Weakness of man; Manifestation of sin ; Evils of Satan
05’s = Grace (5 = Grace)
04’s = Creation; The world; Creative works
03’s = Divine completeness and perfection
02’s = Union; Division; Wittnessing
01’s = Unity; New beginnings

9:11 = Warnings….. (9 = Divine Completeness) (11 = Disorder and Judgement)

See List of Biblical Numbers:

The Lord is crying out to us, be ready I’m coming very, very soon!!!

Pray, pray, pray and warn, warn, warn others as the spirit leads you. Make sure you are right with God, which means you have a true relationship with him and are saved by his grace and are repenting and seeking forgiveness on a daily basis. Time is running out….. Seek God’s Grace Now!!!

So what is GRACE? Here is what a missionary/intercessor on Facebook has to say… via Janet Brooks … From my heart to yours: All you have to do is BELIEVE & RECEIVE! Come to God as a little child and simply thank Him for dying for all your sins! Just say unto Him, here I am LORD have your will and way in my life no matter what! Let go of religion, self, ego and pride! Stay in His holy word and on your knees in your humble heart! “Then said they unto Him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? JESUS answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him Whom He hath sent.” St. John 6:28-29 King James Holy Bible

Grace Notebook – Testimony of Harry Ironside: The great truth was getting a grip of me that holiness, perfect love, sanctification, and every other blessing, were mine in Christ from the moment I had believed, and mine forevermore, because all was pure grace. I had been looking at the wrong man–all was in another Man, and in that Man for me! But it took weeks to see this….

God Bless You!

Maranatha, Kitty <^.^>

More confirmations of seeing 444 and other numbers…

11/06/11 … My 444 Dream:

11/14/12 … Dream 444:

11/10/12 … Brother Mark woke up at exactly 4:44am:

12/16/12 … Brother Patrick has been seeing the 44’s too:

4/18/13 … Brother Fermin is seeing them too:

4/21/13 … I was awakened out of sleep this morning because I was too hot and looked at clock, 4:44am. Also seen so far 11:44am, l:44pm …

4/26/13 … I see 14’s and 44’s on clocks everyday and have done so for the last several months. Before the Boston Marathon Explosions on 4/15/13 I saw 9:11pm on Friday 4/12/13 and Sunday 4/14/13. I had seen them before a few times too but didn’t connect them to anything at the time.

What are the chances??? $44, $44, $44, $44 … so I go with my son to an electronics store and we’re looking at computer cases and as we walk along the shelves I come across these all next to each other. More confirmations. I see 44 many other places in the store too.

4/28/13 – I saw 4:44pm again today.

5/1/13 – Saw 4:44 on YouTube video today.

5/8/13 … Last two days my daughter has seen 4:44pm on clocks.

5/11/13 … of the last 7 days either my daughter or I have seen 4:44pm on some clock in our home at least 5 times. Another link I found that explains 444…

5/15/13 … Daughter saw 3:33pm and 4:44pm. We know 4:44pm means Damascus. I looked up what three means and it means Divine Completeness and Perfection. (The Trinity)

5/16/13 … Today I came across another brother in Christ who is having dreams of a nuclear strike and the number 11. Here’s his video …

12/10/14 … I’m still seeing the above numbers to this day.  Kitty <^.^>