Crisis in the Catholic Church

Pagan practices introduced into the Roman Catholic Church:

A.D. 300 – prayers for the dead
A.D. 300 – making sign of the cross
A.D. 375 – worship of saints and angels
A.D. 394 – mass first instituted
A.D. 431 – worship of Mary begun
A.D. 500 – priests began dressing differently than laypeople
A.D. 593 – doctrine of purgatory introduced
A.D. 600 – worship services conducted in Latin
A.D. 600 – prayers directed to Mary
A.D. 709 – kissing of the pope’s foot
A.D. 786 – worshiping of images and relics
A.D. 850 – use of “holy water” begun
A.D. 995 – canonization of dead saints
A.D. 1079 – celibacy of the priesthood
A.D. 1090 – prayer beads
A.D. 1184 – the inquisition
A.D. 1190 – sale of indulgences
A.D. 1220 – adoration of the wafer (Host)
A.D. 1229 – bible forbidden to laypeople
A.D. 1439 – doctrine of purgatory decreed
A.D. 1439 – doctrine of seven sacraments affirmed
A.D. 1508 – the Ave Maria approved
A.D. 1546 – Apocryphal books put into Bible
A.D. 1854 – immaculate conception of Mary
A.D. 1870 – infallibility of the pope declared
A.D. 1965 – Mary proclaimed Mother of the Church

The Church of Rome denies the finished work of Christ but believes in a continuing sacrifice that produces such things as sacraments and praying for the dead, burning of candles, and so forth. All of these are borrowed from Babylon, the mother of all pagan customs and idolatry, none of which is taught in the New Testament. During this period, between A.D. 607 to today, the Universal (Catholic) Church headquartered in Rome gradually became more Babylonian than Christian. Rejecting the Lord’s finished work breeds a concept that causes people to try to earn their own salvation by works, penance, indulgences, and many other satanically convinced ideas labeled by our Lord in Revelation 2:24 as “Satan’s so-called deep secrets.” One of the dangerous trends during the 20th century in the Church of Rome is the elevation of Mary to a status just short of deity.

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