Encourage One Another

The Encourager
By Grant Phillips

One of the greatest gifts a Christian can receive is the gift of being an encourager to others. It is true that some have that gift from God to be an encourager, but it is something that can be practiced by all Christians. About five years ago, a dear Christian lady encouraged me in music. Roughly a year later, I wrote this song on her behalf. She had already passed away. The last line of the song is referring to her.

There are people we meet God sends for a season
Placing them here for a definite reason
He anoints certain ones to encourage the rest
To steer our pathway He chooses the best

The encourager’s heart is big as a mountain
They want us too to drink from that fountain
With love in their heart not thinking of self
They encourage us often to get off the shelf

They’re special in that their work goes right on
When they move on to Glory to be with the Son
The lives that they touch are inspired to be bold
And follow the path that God has unrolled

They touch all our lives and show us a light
A new path to follow and a deeper insight
He chose certain ones to help us along
But for that one person you’d not hear this song

Others have encouraged me in the past. I recall specifically a wise, old pastor who encouraged me as a young fourteen year old boy. His arm draped over my shoulder and his encouraging words will always be remembered.

So many Christians I come across want to be a pastor, or a missionary, or an evangelist, or a great Bible teacher, and these things are fine, if that is what God has called you to do. But what if He hasn’t? Unfortunately, I have witnessed many who are in the pastorate, who in my opinion, missed their calling, and it shows.

If you are one of those who really has a concern for the welfare of another, and just can’t help yourself in trying to assist them, God has probably called you to one of His greatest ministries. But as I said earlier, even if this isn’t our specific calling, we can still practice this wonderful means of helping another brother or sister in Christ.

Think back. Has anyone ever encouraged you to do better, or try this, or think about that? What a blessing it would be to pass it on. Besides, you may have functioned as an encourager with another, and never realized it. This is why we should be careful in what we say to others. They may just take it seriously.

Another great thing about being an encourager, as the song says, is that their work goes right on after they leave this world. Lives go in new directions because of them. Someone will forever remember them, because of the light they helped to shine in another person’s life. A successful ministry will be developed because someone encouraged another.

To those of you who are encouragers, you have my deepest respect and love, because you are the foundation of so many success stories in Christ. God bless you.

Grant Phillips
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Being an encourager doesn’t come naturally for most of us, but, for a believer, it’s not an option. Thirty-two times in the New Testament we are reminded of things we are to do for “one another.” One of these commands is to encourage one another (Heb. 3:13). When we encourage others, we are reflecting the heart of God, who is “the God of encouragement” (Rom. 15:5).