High Level Spiritual Warfare

“Here in the U.S. and around the world Christians are paralyzed by fear and the sense that they are powerless in the face of an all powerful adversary. The emphasis is on retreating, hiding and survival. The emphasis on survival, food, investments, etc. is not necessarily a bad thing, but ignoring the most powerful spiritual weapon in the universe can be fatal.”

“God has given His people incredibly powerful spiritual weapons, weapons that have the power to take down any invasion. But the problem is, many Christians have been put under a spell, a stronghold or mind control. They are unaware of the earth shaking power of these spiritual weapons. I was talking to a lady in one of my McGuire Prophecy Meetings and, although she meant well, she kept talking about the power of HARRP. Talking about the power of HARRP is not going to enable you to do what God has called you to do in these last days. The focus should be on the power of God.”

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