Answered Prayer and Blessings

Wow, God is so amazing! So many times he has intervened in our lives and saved us! Thank you God so very, very much for your mercy and watchful eye upon us all.

The verse below was impressed upon me two different times in one day in the past. It gave me great comfort to hear it. Blessings, Kitty <^.^>

Isaiah 41:10 (KJV) … Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Answered Prayer 12/14/14: The Lord is so good!!! Even though we go through hard times, he is with us. In the past couple weeks I felt really angry, like overly angry and didn’t feel that I should be so angry about an incident that happened at home. I cried out to God to help me and He did! Praise the Lord!

There was also another incident where I was having some spots in my eye, swirling places, in my left eye and I had to go pick someone up right away. Again I cried out to the Lord to make it stop and He did and I was able to drive and pick that person up.  ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer (My Mom) January 29, 2014: Mom is still with us today. Frail, but Praise the Lord she is still with us! Her left hand is still weak, she doesn’t have alzheimer’s just dementia and she can still walk aided by a walker. She still knows who we are, but has trouble remembering other things. Thank you Lord that she is still with us and so is my dad. Thank you too for all my family and friends.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer (Mom’s Stroke) December 7, 2012: At therapy today mom was able to wrap a box in paper like a Christmas gift. This a great thing because she hasn’t been able to do this since before she had her stroke July 13, 2012. I praise the Lord for every step of improvement in her life!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer (Mom’s Stroke) November 27, 2012: The Insurance (Humana) Medicare made mom come home towards the end of Sept. because they would only pay for so much and we didn’t have the $200 a day to keep her there for a while longer. But Praise the Lord, the last couple weeks mom has been able to get up from the chair and take her walker and walk by herself!!!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer (Mom’s Stroke) August 26th, 2012: Mom fell out of bed last night but seems to be okay. The nurses are keeping an eye on her at the nursing/rehab center. I prayed that God would watch over her and help her to remember to ask for help when she needs to get up next time. Mom did remember that she fell last night and said she’d been a bad girl and would try to be better 🙂 She’s doing much better. Praise the Lord!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer (Mom’s Stroke) August 24, 2012: The kids and I went to visit mom in the nursing rehab center today and I was amazed when I looked in her room. She was sitting up on the edge of her bed and trying to put her house slippers on. Wow! Praise the Lord! She is steadily rehabbing and gaining her strength back. The nurse said the day before she had walked from the bed to the bathroom. She still knows us but because of Dementia she has her off times and says some really strange things sometimes. But Praise the Lord she is still here and getting better. I’m so very, very thankful!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above August 12th, 2012: Wow, God is really awesome! We see only our circumstances but he sees the end from the beginning. He goes before us and has it all planned out. I’ve been rather indecisive lately and kind of last minute decided to take my daughter to the State Fair today and we were hurrying to catch the 3pm Fair Train. I said a prayer to God that we would make that train and guess what? We made that train. It was running late and we made it just in time! Praise the Lord! We also had a very, very nice day spending time together and took the 9:45pm train back home. The temperature was in the 80’s and it was just a very pleasant enjoyable day. We so needed a day to get away from it all and do something different. Thank you Father in Heaven!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings From Above (Mom’s Stroke) July 13, 2012: My mom had a major stroke after dinner sometime. When my dad found her he rushed to get my brother and they called 911. She was rushed to the hospital and given immediate care. She had one of those bad strokes, the kind where the vein bursts open and blood flows into the brain. They call it a hemorrhagic stroke. But praise the Lord she did not die and did still know us although her left side was weak and she couldn’t move her left arm or leg! Much prayer is going up for her.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer May 16, 2012: I have a praise report of a miracle for my uncle’s wife. A couple weeks ago he asked some of his friends and family to pray for his wife because she needed to have an MRI, but usually couldn’t because she would get sick. Well this past week not only did she have an MRI but she also had a CT scan and breezed right through them without getting sick! And the results turned out well too! God is so AWESOME! Praise his name!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer May 3rd, 2012: This past Monday 4/30/12 I received a wonderful answer to prayer! I had prayed either that day or the day before that God would help my car Air Conditioner/Heater to work when I needed it because it hasn’t been working very good. Well on Monday when I got off work and got into my car the air wasn’t on and it was very hot in the car and outside. This has been one of the hottest summers ever. A minute or two after I started on my way home the air popped on and it was cool! Wow! It usually isn’t cool and takes a couple minutes or so for it to get cool. Praise the Lord! I praised him all the way home and then some more!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Update for Above Post: The air continued to work throughout the month of May and through June. In July it did finally quit and we were able to get it fixed. Would you believe it had something to do with the ignition switch. It effected my automatic lights too! Several times they would not come on either and I had to turn them on manually.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings From Above December 14, 2011: On Sunday December 4th, 2011 my family and I attended the church of a dear brother and sister in Christ. But the night before I was wondering if I would be able to go or not because my left hip was really bothering me and I didn’t think I could sit for 2 hours with it that way. I got up and went to church anyway and during church and after it my hip didn’t bother me anymore. Praise the Lord for his little blessings in my everyday life!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings From Above June 24, 2011: Everyday blessings: Today my car died on me, but it did it in my own driveway after work as I was pulling into my normal spot in the driveway. Wow! Thank you Lord for caring about the small things in our lives! I praise you oh merciful and loving God!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer June 18th, 2011: I’ve been praying for my mother in law too. She’s been struggling with sleeping through the night and it’s been really difficult for my father in law to get his rest. She has been doing better and not getting up until 4am. She was getting up about 1:30am. Praise the Lord!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer June 11th, 2011: I’d really been praying for my mom because she’s been having trouble sleeping and detoxing from medications she’s been on. When I talked to my brother last night he told me that she had a really good day yesterday. She was able to sleep and felt much better! Praise the Lord for He is so good! Thank you God for your loving care for my mom.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer December 25th, 2010: Christmas Day I had an answered prayer. I was not feeling good in the morning and prayed to God that He would give me the strength to get through the day and He did. Praise the Lord!    ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer October 30, 2010: I had said prayers for my brother who was having some dizziness issues. The doctors did some testing but could not find anything. They told him it was just stress from work. Praise the Lord nothing serious was wrong!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above – Called to Pray Easter Morning 2010:

A Great Blessing – Resurrection Sunday/Easter – Morning March 2010

Hello everyone,

I have to tell you the most wondrous story that happened to my family this Easter.

My son and husband were gone all day Saturday April 12th-13th to a friends home and I was expecting them back around ten o’clock, but it was much later that they returned home. While I was waiting for them I was working on my web site on the computer, then looked at my email and decided to go to the CBN website to look around on the page they had for Easter. It was really neat! While I was looking at that and praising the Lord for his mercy in coming to die for us, I felt the urge to pray for my son and husband for their safe return home.

I stayed up until they got home which was about 1:30am Easter morning Sunday the 13th. I asked them how they were and my son told me that they had a near miss on the interstate coming home. A truck was going very, very fast and weaving all over the road and almost hit them as it passed. Oh my gosh! The tears started welling in my eyes because I knew that it was God that urged me to pray. Luckily 3 police cars stopped this truck a little while later. And that’s not all, Sunday evening I found out that my daughter, had been urged to pray too. She said it just came to her out of the blue while she was praying before bed.

Our God is a Great and Merciful God!!!!!!

Hope you had a Blessed Easter, I know I did!

♥ Kitty ♥

* There have been two more times that I’ve been called to pray for my husband and or son while they were out since I had this dream.

Answered Prayer December 20th, 2009: Today we prayed for a friend named Barry. He’s at a nursing home recuperating from an infection in his foot. My husband, daughter and I layed hands on Barry’s infected foot and prayed that the infection would leave. The infection was in the bone and if it didn’t heal he could loose the foot. I also prayed for his salvation later when I got home. On 2/21/10 the doctors said the infection was gone. Praise God!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer November 8th, 2009: A friend Gayle asked me to pray for her today and I did. She said she was feeling better and that God gave her strength to chase away her fears. Praise the Lord!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above Fall 2009: Praise God for watching over my dad. He had to get a Pacemaker and three stints put in to open clogged arteries and is still alive and doing much better!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer October 16th, 2009: Online friend Kimmer had a praise for the healing of an eye problem. She had slowly been losing vision, but it’s healed now. Praise the Lord! I had said a prayer on Sept 9th for her many health problems that she was having.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer Summer 2009: On 11/29/08 I prayed that my dad’s pancreas would be totally healed and functioning properly. And it was. Praise the Lord!    ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer December 5, 2008: On 11/29/08 I prayed that my dad would be well enough to be home for Christmas. He was released from the hospital on 12/05/08. Praise the Lord!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above July 30th, 2005: My son had a terrible accident in which he could have lost his life had the Lord not been watching over him. He rode his bike into the back of a stationary SUV and his head went through the back window. Glass cut into his neck/throat but didn’t sever any main arteries Praise the Lord! He had about 45 stitches mostly in the neck area.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above Date Unknown: I don’t remember what year it was but my daughter fell down our stair way. All the way from the top. Other than a few bruises nothing was broken. Praise the Lord!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above Date Unknown: Praise the Lord from keeping me from harms way. When we were in Florida one time this strange man had me sit on his lap in the ocean. Nothing happened.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above Date Unknown: When I was a young girl. We were in Florida and my dad, uncle and two male cousins were in a terrible storm at sea in a 19′ boat. Mom called the Coast Guard, but they couldn’t get to them very soon because there were other boats that needed assistance too. Thank God He was with them and gave them the skill to get back to shore safely.   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above Date Unknown: Another time when I was a little girl and we were on vacation I accidentally went into the wrong hotel room where these guys had poisonous snakes in bags. Luckily they saw me and yelled at my parents and ran into the room and rescued me before anything happened. Praise the Lord!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Blessings from Above Date Unknown: When I was a little child I fell through my floatie and was sitting on the bottom of the pool blowing bubbles. I could not swim at the time. Praise the Lord for watching over me!   ♥ Kitty ♥

Answered Prayer Links:

The Joplin Tornado

The above video is Faith Assembly in Joplin. They show the damage to the church after the tornado, but nothing is mentioned of the Upper Room as it relates to the story below… Could be a different Faith Assembly, I don’t know I just came across this while looking on YouTube.

This story below is true, verified by my Aunt Oleta. She told me that the friend she got the email from knew the ladies below…

Blessings, Kitty <^.^>


This is real it is from my Missouri cousin Pat S. who lives about 70 miles from Joplin.


From a genealogy friend

Subject: The Joplin Ladies Prayer Group

“My cousin, Janice W., started the Joplin Ladies Prayer group in Joplin MO a number of years ago. They originally met in her home and discussed ways to pray for people that were experiencing problems of all kinds on Tuesday evenings. These women came from many different church denominations, backgrounds, and walks of life; their only requirement for membership was their desire to pray for others. During the week and between meetings, Janice sends out urgent prayer request via email. Over time, the group grew larger and a room at Janice’s church, Faith Assembly of God, became their meeting place. It was located at the highest point in the church building, so it made sense that they called it simply, “The Upper Room.” Each Tuesday evening the group arrived to witness to one another, to share prayers answered and prayers needed, to study God’s word on how to pray for others, and to be reminded that these requests are not gossip, guard them with your heart. In closing, they drew together in a circle and prayed openly for those on their prayer list, compiled each week by Janice, and prayed for anyone that happened to be on their heart that evening. Frequently, one of the members would say, I just feel we need to pray for. . . I don’t know why, but I feel strongly that we need to pray for this person. Many times by the following Tuesday they knew why God moved them to pray for this person.

On Sunday evening, May 22, 2011, Janice and her husband Jim were returning home after visiting family in Jefferson City, MO. Other members of her church were attending evening services when a multi-vortex F-5 tornado hit the Joplin area, a storm that was around fourteen miles long, over a mile wide, traveled exclusively through the city of Joplin, population of about 50,000 people.

Many have seen scenes from the Joplin High School, badly damaged in the (tornado) storm. Faith Assembly of God Church is located just south of the school and was in the direct path of the storm. Members of the church were huddled in the lowest hallway, covering the children as best they could when the storm ripped the roof from the building. There were no serious injuries and no deaths despite the horrible damage to the huge brick building, now considered a total loss.

As members began sorting through the rubble, trying to salvage what they could of their church home they made a few unusual discoveries. Flying outside the church the night of the storm were three flags. The US flag, the state flag, and the Christian flag. Following the storm, only the Christian flag remained. As they continued working their way through the shattered remains of their former church home, they found total devastation from the tornado. On the completely destroyed list, the children’s nursery was located directly below the “Upper Room,” however, in the “Upper Room,” something completely different was found.

Over the years, thanks to Janice and the prayer group the Upper Room had also become the church library, which they started from scratch. When church members walked into the room, not a book was out of place, not one chair or item turned over, and the roof over the room was intact in spite of it being the highest point in the church building. There was no water, no dirt, and no storm debris; a stack of papers, copies of the weekly prayer request list still piled on a chair from the previous meeting. A Thomas Kincaid wall tapestry felt damp but with no other damage from the tornado found in the room.

Following the (Joplin tornado) storm, although some of them received injuries, lost homes and family members, all of the members of the women’s prayer group are alive. One survived while driving in her car, picked up three times by the storm. She “looks like someone took a ball bat to her”, is traumatized, having problems sleeping, but is otherwise O.K. Her car did not fare so well.

Janice’s home was located a block and a half from what was considered the center of the mile wide (tornado) storm. Not one other house remains in the area of her home, but it, although damaged, is still standing. Janice considers herself truly blessed and is greatly relieved that her computer containing all the email addresses of the prayer group is both safe and working. Her poor cat, in the house alone during the storm, only wants to be held and petted and is losing all of her hair. They have been unable to locate her vet. Their bank is completely destroyed as well with the only thing remaining, the vault, which appears to be intact. They hope to retrieve the contents of their bank box, including the title to Janice’s car, which was parked in front of their house and also totaled.

A man stopped at their house last week and asked what they needed. Janice shrugged and said, “Everything.” He said, “Make a list.” Janice hesitated to do so with others faring far worse than her and Jim, but did; it was two pages long. The next morning at 7:00 there was a knock at their door and they discovered 30 people in their yard. The group was from Shepherds Purse. They repaired the sump pump, removed the water from the basement, cleaned the debris from the air conditioner, got it running, cleaned the furnace (submersed in water), cleaned up down trees and other debris, raked glass from their entire yard, helped removed the remains of the covered deck that was on top of their roof, checked the wiring, patched the roof and other things too numerous to mention. Janice says there are police officers and emergency crews there from all over the nation and people constantly stopping to ask if they can help in any way. One person stopped just to give them a hot pizza; they’d never seen him before. She said it was very spooky the first night they had electricity again as they were only light as far as they could see. (F5 tornado)”

I think this gives profound meaning to God’s words, “Fear not for I am with you always.”

Isaiah 41:10 -King James Version (KJV) …Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

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Haiti – Survivors of the Earthquake

Video Link:

Haiti Survivors: Quake was God’s Blessing in Disguise

Bad things happen many times, but God has promised to walk his children through it. Just because we’re a Christian doesn’t mean we are exempt from bad things happening to us.

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

By Jason Lovelace

Key Scripture: Luke 13.2-4 And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galileans were sinners above all Galileans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Or those eighteen, upon whom the Tower of Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

We all remember the most recent international disasters:

• Terrorist Attacks – Major Attacks starting September 11, 2001 – Terrorist Attackers on four jets crash into the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon, killing nearly 3,000 people. Terrorists attack areas in the Pacific, Europe, and Australia, killing hundreds more, leading up to 2007.

• Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunamis – December 26th, 2004 – A powerful, 9.0 level Earthquake shakes up Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia, killing thousands, but sets off a series of devastating tsunamis which kill or displace hundreds of thousands more throughout the Indian Ocean. The damage toll is so high, it cannot be calculated accurately.

• Super Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones – Summer/Autumn, 2005 – The Gulf Coast of the United States, particularly Louisiana and Mississippi, are hit hard by two super, Category 5 Hurricanes – Katrina and Rita – killing thousands and running damage estimates in three US States into the billions of dollars. Similarly, some super typhoons and cyclones, all resulting hit Japan and Australia in death and destruction.

Why do disasters – man-made and otherwise – strike? Why do people who are at peace with their neighbors, in love with life, and doing nothing other than just living their daily lives, get stricken with tragedy and hard times? Is God involved directly, indirectly, or is he just watching? Why do terrible events happen in our world today?

Point #1 – Tragedy and Disaster Happen because of Man’s Sinful, Fallen State: The first and greatest reason that disaster happens is because of the fallen, sinful nature into which man willfully entered into at the Garden of Eden. There are many, many nay-sayers out there who will totally write-off, laugh off, and discredit anything the Bible has to say, but the truth of the matter is, disaster happens precisely because man rejected God from the very beginning. In fact, the first recorded planetary calamity in the Bible – The Great Flood – came after people on the earth had grown so wretchedly sinful. Genesis Chapter 6 states that God saw how wicked the earth had become at that time, and decided to send forth the waters of the flood. So great was the sin and evil of the world, that only Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives, found grace with God (Genesis 6.8), and only they were saved in the Ark when the waters were poured out. This trend of disasters happening continued down through history, and still continues today. The bottom line is, disaster happens because Adam and Eve – the human race’s ancestors – rejected God, passing sin down through the generations to us today. Up until Genesis 7, some 1500 years following the fall of man, there were no disasters recorded on earth. This is because prior to sin being allowed to enter, the world and universe were perfect.

Point #2 – Disasters Happen to Get Peoples’ Attention: Crazy as this sounds, God allows disasters to happen to get the attention of the people of the world. There are three objectives in this: First, God allows disaster so that unbelievers and rejecters of Him will look to him in repentance and faith. God loves everyone on the face of the earth. He will do everything he can to get those who reject him to turn to him in faith, love, and obedient repentance. Again, this may sound crazy, but taking a look at the Bible, God allowed disaster to strike time and time again so that non-believers would turn to him, love him, accept him, and follow him. Many times, it happened that the people who experienced disaster did, in fact, turn to him. Some, as in the case of the people of Nineveh, as recorded in the Book of Jonah, turned to God before disaster struck. God will use any means he deems and sees fit to turn peoples’ eyes back on him.

Second, God uses Disaster to Get His Followers’ Attention Back on Him. Again, God often allows disaster, tragedy, and hard times to get the attention of his followers. This is clearly seen in God’s persistence with the Israelites. Time and time again, the people of Israel in the Old Testament – God’s chosen people at that time – turned away from him, turned their backs on him, and walked away. Time and time again, God used disasters – man-made and natural – to turn his people back to him. The Books of Joshua through Esther – The Biblical Historical Books – tell time and time and time again where the Israelites turned away from God, became prideful, and/or openly sinned against him, and each and every time, God used a disaster to regain his people’s attention. Third, God Uses Tragedy and Disaster to Test, Try, and Strengthen His People. The Bible, again, has multiple instances where this has been the case, but the most outstanding is in the person of Job. Job was a very wealthy, very Godly man living in the time of the patriarchs. In the Book of Job, it is told how God allowed the devil to literally strip Job of everything he owned, killed off his family, and left Job with terrible health (Job 1–2). Even when Job’s three closest friends heard about his calamity, and came to offer Job help and support, they ended up criticizing Job and nearly turning against him totally. Yet, in spite of this testing, Job remained faithful to God, even going so far as stating…

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him… – Job 13.15

This faith that Job had in God later turned to him for the good, and he received twice as much from God as he had before, and was given his family again. God often uses calamity, trial, disaster, and tribulation to strengthen and test his people.

Point #3 – Jesus stated that Disasters Are the Signs of His Return: In Matthew 24, Jesus’ disciples asked him when the sign of his coming and the end of the world would be. Jesus responded as follows:

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places…the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken… – Matthew 24.6-7,29 (See also: Mark 13.7-8,24-25, Luke 21.9-11,25-26)

Clearly, Jesus tells his followers in the Bible that one of the signs of his soon coming is the occurrence of disasters, both natural and man-made. In another part of the Gospels, Jesus likens the frequency and coming of such disasters as labor pains for the birth of a baby. Is it not easy to see that the super typhoons/hurricanes/cyclones, the mega-earthquakes and tsunamis, the surge criminal/terrorist violence, and the words of many of the world’s leaders threatening war and destruction are now happening at an ever-increasing pace? Jesus speaks clearly about this time, and warns that the devastating events are road signs for his coming return.

Point #4 – God’s Judgment(s) is (are) Radically Different from What We are Seeing Today: After the Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the United States, many Christian leaders spoke up and stated that it was God’s Judgment falling on the United States. Many have also said similar things with regards to the Terrorist Attacks since, and the Sumatra Earthquake/Tsunamis of 2004, and the Super Hurricanes that leveled much of the Gulf Coast in 2005. However, when one reads the Bible, it becomes clear that God getting the attention of his people, and God passing and executing sentence on a nation are totally different. God’s judgment on people usually comes with a specific warning beforehand – quite often many, many years before the actual judgment falls. Case in point is the Great Flood of Genesis 7. Noah spent 120 years building the Ark, warning any who would stop and listen of the pending, watery judgment to come (II Peter 2.5). Another case would be the Prophet Jeremiah, who continually warned the Israeli Southern Kingdom of Judah of the impending judgment by God at the hands of the Babylonian Army under King Nebuchadnezzar II. Still another is the case of the angels coming to warn Lot of the coming, specified, fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. These judgments are just but a few examples of God pronouncing the sentence to the people before execution is carried out. In the cases we have mentioned before, there was no specified, peculiar warning – not about the terrorist attacks that have rocked the world, neither about the earthquakes and typhoons/hurricanes/cyclones that have shattered cities and towns. The reason for this is that the before-mentioned disasters are signs, not judgments. Judgments come with specified warnings, and the reason for this is because people will know and understand that God is doing the speaking, and that it is clear that God is the one carrying out sentence and judgment.

Conclusion – God allows disasters, tragedies, and hard times for our own good: Whether we are Christian Followers of Jesus Christ or not, God uses disasters to get our attention, to get our eyes back on him. Is there something going on in your life right now? Are you going through a hard time, through a disaster, a tragedy, or a catastrophic event? Maybe you have gotten your attention away from God, and he is trying to speak to you, to get you to open up your ears and your heart to him. We humans can be very stubborn very hard-hearted, very hard-headed when it comes to God. If you are going through a hard time, remember that God isn’t allowing it so you will be destroyed – he is allowing it so that you will turn to him and listen to him. To the unbeliever, you need to know that God will do everything he can to get your attention, to get you to turn to him. He loves you and wants to spend eternity with you. That is why Jesus Christ came and died on the cross. The more you, as an unbeliever reject him, the more God will try to get your heart to open up to him. There will come a point where your heart will be so hardened that you cannot hear the voice of God, but when that time is not known. The best thing is to turn to him while there is time, while his call is recognized on your heart. God does not want disaster to happen to you to turn you to him, but if you hold out that long, unbeliever, he will allow it to happen. Do not wait until it is too late, and do not wait until a disaster is necessary before you turn to him. To the Christian believer, brother or sister, that hard time you are going through right now is a test from God. He wants your eyes, your trust, and your hope placed in him too, just as he did before you asked Jesus into your heart. Trust in him and know that this will soon pass, just as he promised, and that he is with you all of the way.

Prayer: Father, help us, we pray, to recognize you in the midst of the trials of life, the tragedies of this existence, the disasters that come, and the hard times that we go through. We pray that those who read these words will understand you better, and know that you love us, and want us in your Eternal Kingdom. Give the unbeliever who reads these words help from your Holy Spirit, and help them to make the choice to come to you by way of your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name we pray, amen.


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