Song: Mighty Rushing Breath of God

Video Title:  Kathi Wilson – Mighty Rushing Breath of God – Christian Soaking Praise and Worship Music

Excerpt from the About tab under video on YouTube…

“Get the CD / Downloads at This is quiet praise and worship music, soothing prayer and devotional music, healing music for entering into God’s presence. Christian soaking music is all about soaking in the presence of the Lord. It is beautiful, relaxing, uplifting and inspirational Christian music, prophetic and revelatory, anointed music for receiving from the Holy Spirit. Our testimonies from people who use this music is that the Lord is bringing great healing and transformation to them, healing emotional wounds, providing relief from chronic pain, helping people who have trouble sleeping, and much more. These are songs of faith inspired by the Holy Spirit. Devotionals, devotions, Gateway House of Prayer, healing meditation, intercession music, music ministry, spiritual, peaceful music, meditation music. Tranquil, calm, prayers, guitar, piano, acoustic, soft. Music for grief and loss recovery music, music for mourning music, transformational, breakthrough, intimate, intimacy with God, intimacy with the Lord, songs, bereavement support music.”

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