Halloween, An Invitation to the Occult

“This is always a difficult time for Christians, especially those with children. It has been suggested that for a Christian to be asked to celebrate Halloween is like asking a Holocaust survivor to celebrate Hitler’s birthday!”

“It is also a dangerous time for some, since many of the seemingly “harmless” involvements associated with Halloween can also be “entries” for the occult, and can prove very tragic for the unwary.”

Excerpts Source:   http://www.khouse.org/articles/1997/27/

Kitty’s Note: Let’s take back the day for His glory and overcome darkness with light.  That doesn’t mean celebrating Halloween like we used to, it means doing something new and different. Hand out Bible tracts instead of candy to those who come to your door.

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    • Nathan Harden Quote: “As a taxpayer, I find it nice to know our government now spends money employing self-described witches who cast spells as “spiritual leaders” — in spite of the fact that there is basically zero demand for these services. That’s great because we know that being politically correct is essential for military readiness.”   “This is the kind of story that makes America’s enemies laugh with derision.”   http://www.nationalreview.com/phi-beta-cons/284124/air-force-academy-builds-wiccan-shrine-nathan-harden

A Trip into the Supernatural

A Trip into the Supernatural by Roger Morneau, Part 1 of 9, Spiritualism and the Occult Rothschild Family and Satanism.

Youtube Channel:   http://www.youtube.com/user/RogerMorneau

“I thought I’d put up the whole video of Roger Morneau’s interview “A Trip Into the Supernatural”.

This interview is GUARANTEED to drop jaws and opens minds to the spirit world, and what type of people are involved in it.

Roger Morneau’s faith was so strong because he knew the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity when he was involved in the occult. He knew if he stood on that road he would eventually suffer from it. So he chose Christianity because it’s what the satanists and spirit worshippers were the MOST afraid of.”

Source:   About Tab on YouTube under video.