Birth Pangs and Endtime Prophecy

Birth Pangs or Signs and Endtime Prophecy …

Posted 12/7/14 – Frank DiMora – Last Day Signs …

There is so much happening in the news pointing to Bible prophecy that I am having a hard time keeping up with it all. In any case, you will see many reports today on different topics … 

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Posted 12/7/14 – Prophecy Update Pastor JD Farag

Pastor J.D. argues the case for why Bible prophecy is being fulfilled at an unprecedented and accelerated rate, especially given the events as of late …

Posted Nov 2nd, 2014 – Birth Pangs Update …

fidockave213 – seventhvial213 – The Alarm bells are ringing – prophetic events October 2014 … extreme weather, earth changes and biblical prophecy… PESTILENCE, Ebola, earthquakes, war, signs in the sun moon and stars, distress of nations, climate change, THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS etc…… MATHEW 24 THE SIGNS ARE BEING FULFILLED. SEEK JESUS CHRIST WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME, REPENT OF YOUR SINS …

If you go to their channel there are posts for previous months as well …

Posted 4/22/13 – Return of Nimrod, American Matrix and The Babylonian Stargate by Paul McGuire … It is impossible to make sense of global and national current events without understanding that reality is more than what you experience in three dimensions. Therefore even the best analysis that leaves out information that is relevant, just because most people are conditioned to believe that it cannot exist, cannot be accurate, because it is excluding relevant data. …


Paul confirms what I’ve read from other authors upon this same topic. God is opening His Word and giving direct and specific guidance in THIS HOUR, because the time spoken of by the prophets is rapidly approaching. IT WILL NOT BE ANYTHING PRETTY. Make sure to be found under the sheltering wings of the Lord God Almighty.

ONE SNIPPET, QUOTE: “The inter-dimensional beings that were at the Tower of Babylon are now in America and other nations of the world. If you are tempted to dismiss this as complete science fiction, then consider the concept of Hyperspace. In his book Hyperspace Michio Kaku discusses the evidence for higher dimensions. Hyperspace is defined as the spatial dimensions beyond space and time known as three dimensional reality. Physicists have introduced the concept of ‘wormholes’ or tunnels between dimensions, or alternate universes and have theorized about time travel and access to both the past and the future.”

AND THIS, QUOTE: “What happened at the Tower of Babel is now happening in America and the world. The Tower of Babel was the world’s first one world government, one world economic system and one world religion. In Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 we clearly see the rise of both economic Babylon and spiritual Babylon.”

PAUL ADDS, QUOTE: “Beginning about four months before 2013 began; I began to experience what I can only describe as an intense sense of deep, spiritual, inner knowing regarding ominous events coming to America in 2013. To use accurate terminology, this spiritual knowing was produced by the work of the Holy Spirit in my life along with considerable research into economic, political, social and scientific trends. It also involved an extended study of the spiritual laws encoded into the Old and New Testament. The only way I can describe it is to say that it felt like carrying a very intense sense of urgency, almost like an electric charge, concerning our nation. The force of this charge carried me into the Presence of God on a deeper level to seek His face for answers.”


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Rabbi Kaduri’s Deathbed Prophecy

This will simply amaze you! Rabbi Kaduri reveals the name of the Messiah.


Ariel Sharon has died at 85 – 1/11/14 after being in a coma for 8 years.

It is said that the rapture will happen shortly after Sharon Dies. Wow!

Earthquake happens during Ariel Sharon’s funeral:


Is Ariel Sharon the end of a generation? Did Ariel Sharon’s death signal THIS endtime dynamic? (ppsimons network)


Rabbi Kaduri and the Rapture


Supernatural upheavel in Israel over Rabbi who found Messiah – Freedom Friday with Carl Gallops.

Hear the entire 90 minute show:

Maranatha, Kitty <^.^>

Prophecy to America

Prophecy to America (August 25, 2009)

Your sins overflow like Niagara Falls, causing a mist to cover your eyes. The time has come that your blindness, negligence, as well as willful disobedience, even with brazen boldness, has led you astray.

Your enemies are within you, so within you your enemies will rise up inside your very borders. Oh the agony and shame you will bear.

Storms will sweep from sea to sea and your feet will tremble. You have lost your bearings from the things that made you great. Your eyes grew haughty, and pride filled your breast. You took credit for your own success which the Lord of glory alone is due. You boasted in the glory of man and gave glory to yourself.

Arise people of God and prepare, for your time is short and the Harvest and Judgment have come upon you. Be ready. The days are numbered 1-2-3 and I am coming swiftly. Stand in the gap and swing your incense. Labor on your knees and then speak the Good News with your mouth. Proclaim that “The Day of the Lord” is near. Oh, it is near!

I have told you this so that you would know when the time comes. The Harvest and Judgment are upon you even now.


Other Prophecies: 

The Prophetic Movement

-Andrew Strom

Earlier this week we published big chunks of Dennis Cramer’s “Word for 2011” in which he basically tears into a lot of the flakey and dangerous “New Age”-type practices found in today’s Prophetic movement. Well, to my great amazement, I found that the Elijah List had actually published Cramer’s piece as well! And it caused such a storm that they had to remove it after just one day – for “clarification”! But then they re-published it – only slightly changed!

For those who don’t know, the Elijah List is the main email List for the Prophetic movement – publishing the likes of Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, etc. It also sells mounds of their books and CD’s. For the Elijah List to publish something that basically refutes all the “Spirit Travel” and “Third Heaven Visitation” stuff is simply unbelievable. It would almost be like the Pope refuting the veneration of Mary!

I don’t know what the Elijah List was thinking, but I’m sure glad they did it. Now maybe there’s a chance that some of their readers will get out from under those dangerous deceptions.

But I am left a bit dazed by it all – because the very ones who have been advocating “spirit travel AT WILL” and “Trance dancing” and ‘Third Heaven visits AT WILL’ are the very ministries that the Elijah List has been promoting all these years!

Here is what the Elijah List founder Steve Schultz wrote after they pulled the first article when it caused such a storm-

“Dear Elijah List Readers, There was a huge number of people who were unclear on a few issues with Dennis Cramer’s word… The most controversial aspect was the “AT WILL” issue. Apparently, there are some out and about who are teaching that you can transport or go to Heaven “AT WILL” – i.e. whenever you want. This is truly not taught in Scripture. The word “Doctrine” is another word for “teaching.” It’s an untrue teaching that anytime you want, you can go to Heaven or be transported… As soon as Dennis Cramer sends us a more in-depth explanation of the items he listed, we plan to repost my friend’s word.”

ANDREW AGAIN: Steve – I’m so glad you wrote this, but do you truly realize what you are saying? Don’t you know that Bob Jones and Todd Bentley and Patricia King, etc, are the VERY BIGGEST promoters of all this “AT WILL” deception that you are talking about? Patricia King even has a whole movement of “Ekstasis” Trance dancing! These guys have entire reams of teaching on how to “visualize” your way into the Third Heaven ‘AT WILL’. They have been promoting it for years. Surely you know this? That’s why your readers are so upset. Dennis Cramer is finally exposing and rebuking this stuff as the ‘New Age’ heresy that it really is.

On January 15, Elijah List reposted the “re-clarified” word from Dennis Cramer on their website. It was a little softer in places, but still it said the following very clearly: “One cannot go to Heaven like Paul or be transported physically like Phillip simply because they want to or because they feel like it (at will). Teachings like this often crossover into dangerous methods and techniques that resemble New Age, Mysticism, Spiritism or other occult manipulative practices. A Believer cannot and must not force, manipulate, or otherwise attempt to reproduce a sovereign supernatural Bible experience by merely following a method, a series of steps, or worst of all “willing it” to happen.”

In the same re-posted word, Dennis Cramer went on to say-

• “Open Heaven/Spiritual Portals = BAD DOCTRINE

• Third Heaven Experiences At Will = BAD DOCTRINE

• Going to Heaven At Will to Get Your Gifts = BAD DOCTRINE

• Transporting Physically At Will = BAD DOCTRINE

• Over-Emphasis on Angels and Specifically Arc-Angels = BAD DOCTRINE

• Going into Trances At Will = BAD DOCTRINE

• Trance Dancing = BAD DOCTRINE

• Hyper-Grace: Christians Do Not Need to Repent of Sin = BAD DOCTRINE”

Well – there goes the Prophetic movement!! Seriously – I cannot believe they posted this on the Elijah List! Steve – This is exactly all the stuff your followers have gotten into! Most of the guys you promote – these are the exact ‘New Age’-type practices that they teach! Surely you know this?

So now, to finish this article, I need some “clarification” from Steve Schultz. I am very encouraged by this apparent change of heart, Steve, but I need to know if you will now CEASE forthwith any and all publication of the materials and teachings of these people – until they publicly repent and apologize for this ‘New Age’ heresy. And I need to know if you – Steve Schultz – will now publicly renounce the promotion of these deceptive preachers around the world. (Sorry to be so blunt about it, but we really need to hear this from you). I am so glad that you published Cramer’s piece. But now we really need to know where Elijah List stands – and whether things have truly changed or not. We look forward to your reply.

And I ask everyone reading this to please forward it to your Charismatic friends. People need to know that this stuff is finally being declared as “BAD DOCTRINE” – even by the Elijah List itself. Please let everyone know, so this deception can be stopped. You would be amazed how widespread it is.

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God bless you all.

-Andrew Strom

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Prophecy – The Time of Shaking


-Lance Lambert.

(This prophecy was given by Lance Lambert in 1986 in a Prophetic Conference in Jerusalem. 153 prophets from 30 to 40 nations had gathered to wait upon and to hear from the Lord. The highlights of this prophecy to the entire body of Christ are as follows…)

“It will not be long before there will come upon the world a time of unparalleled upheaval and turmoil. Do not fear for it is I the Lord who am shaking all things. I began this shaking with the first world war and I greatly increased it through the second world war. Since 1973 I have given it an even greater impetus. In the last stage, I plan to complete it with the shaking of the universe itself, with signs in sun and moon and stars. But before that point is reached, I will judge the nations and the time is near. It will not only be by war and civil war, by anarchy and terrorism, and by monetary collapses that I will judge the nations, but also by natural disasters: by earthquakes, by shortages and famines and by old and new plague diseases. I will also judge them by giving them over to their own ways, the lawlessness, to loveless selfishness, to delusion and to believing a lie; to false religion and an apostate church, even to a Christianity without me.

Do not fear when these things begin to happen, for I disclose these things to you before they commence in order that you might be prepared, and that in the day of trouble and of evil you may stand firm and overcome. For I purpose that you may become the means of encouraging and strengthening many who love me but who are weak. I desire that through you many may become strong in me, and that multitudes of others might find my salvation through you.

“And hear this! Do not fear the power of the Kremlin, nor the power of the Islamic Revolution, for I plan to break both of them through Israel. I will bring down their pride and their arrogance, and shatter them because they have blasphemed my name. In that day I will avenge the blood of all the martyrs and of the innocent ones whom they have slaughtered. I will surely do this thing for they have thought that there was no one to judge them. But I have seen their ways and I have heard the cries of the oppressed and of the persecuted and I will break their power and make an end of them.

Be ye therefore prepared for when all this comes to pass, to you will be given the great opportunity to preach the Gospel freely to all nations. In the midst of all the turmoil and shaking, and at the heart of everything, is My Church. In the heavenlies. She is joined to Me in one Spirit and I have destined Her for the throne. You who are My beloved, whom I have redeemed and anointed – you are Mine. I will equip and empower you and you will rise up and do great things in My Name, even in the midst of darkness and evil. For I will reveal My power, and My grace and glory through you. Do not hold back nor question My ways with you for in all My dealings with you I have always in mind that you should be part of My Bride and reign with Me. Do not forget that this requires discipline and training. So yield to Me that I might do a work in you in the time which is left for I plan even during all this shaking the Bride will make Herself ready.

“For in the midst of these judgments multitudes upon multitudes will be saved from the nations. You will hardly know how to bring the harvest in, but my Spirit will equip you for the task. And to Israel, will I also turn in that day, and I will melt the hardening which has befallen her. I will turn their blindness into clear sight, and tear away the veil on their heart. Then shall they be redeemed with heart bursting joy, and it will become a fountain of new and resurrection life to the whole company of the redeemed.

“Do not fear for these days, for I have purposed that you shall stand with Me and serve Me in them. Fear not, for I love you and I will protect you and equip you. I, the Lord, will anoint you with a new anointing and you will work My works and fulfill My counsel. You shall stand before Me, the Lord of the whole earth and serve Me with understanding and with power and you shall reign with Me during these days. Above all, I call you to be intercessors.”

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Andrew Strom