The Genesis Timeline

The first intro of 10 steps – that will begin opening up Scripture and prophecy to you in a way you never knew before! :o)

“The Genesis Timeline unravels much of the prophecy that is unfolding all around us as God’s Kingdom hurtles towards us breakneck speed, and bringing a Day of Judgment, unexpectedly, to a sleeping world.

Each lesson is to be taken in connection with the other pieces, for the picture that they make up as a whole. I have tried to make them easy-to-understand, and so have laid them out in 10 fairly simple lessons. These lessons start off very simple, but bear with me as the simplicity of the first 3 or 4 lessons provide the foundation to the prophecies contained in the rest of them – that will blow your mind!

This was a gift from the Holy Spirit to me, when I decided back in 2007, that I wanted to take a good, square look at Scripture – starting from Genesis – and miss nothing! (lol!)

Why I thought this was even possible after over 2000 years of scholarly study, I do not know .. but I just knew that I had missed out on so much, and I wanted to learn His Word, and see what there was to find. And as I read through Genesis, in wanting to keep track of everything, I started writing down the numbers, the lineage, taking copious notes, and trying to see what there was to see. And as I did so, I began noticing sequences, similarities, “coincidences” … especially with the numbers!

At the time, my mind was fired up trying to start up the state’s first Messianic-Jewish Synagogue, and I was learning a lot of things about the Jewish perspective and use of these numbers.

A friend from Texas, introduced me to the use of ‘gematria’ in Judaism and showed me some amazing things – which glorified G-D and blew my mind away!

A combination of gematria and the patterns in the numbers I was writing down, took more shape, and G-D, in His mercy, led me on to other very educated men who taught me more!

‘The Genesis Timeline’, as I call it, began to take shape; but what also began to take shape – was the message of what I was seeing.

In November of 2007, I began to send out highly-alarmed emails, warning people that something of highly prophetic significance was going to happen in 2008 – if I was reading these numbers right .. and of course, that is exactly what happened!

It is also at around this time, that a direct demonic attempt was made on my life, because of the work involving the Messianic Synagogue (which never took off anyway, but the experience sharpened my faith – beyond all description!).

After this, one day, I bought myself a copy of the Stones Edition of ‘The Chumash’ .. I was just in there, saw it, didn’t know what it really was, but felt I should buy it, even though it was $50, and right there – as I was thumbing through the pages in ‘Barnes & Nobles’ – was the Genesis Timeline .. all laid out in black and white!!!

They’d had this information all this time – and never knew what they had!”

by Original Pilgrim

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