The House Church Movement


“There is no place like home, at least for some Christians. In recent years the number of home-based churches and small group fellowships in the United States has risen exponentially. In January, Barna Research, found that about 11.5 million American adults – a full five percent -, say they attend a “house church or simple church, which is not associated in any way with a local, congregational type of church,” at least weekly or monthly. That number is up from 8.8 million adults in 2006.”

“House churches were, of course, the way it all started. Christianity began with a group of a dozen men along a seaside in Galilee. Even later as Paul traveled and planted, it was the intimacy of home fellowships that provided the earliest forums for the Gospel. His sermons in the synagogues and on Mars Hill were but an invitation. The deeper teaching was taking place in small groups in homes and on hillsides. While the facilities and formalities of Sunday services have since become the norm for many, it was not always so. Philemon, Nymphas, and Aquila and Priscilla all had churches in their houses (Phm 1:2, Col 4:15, 1 Cor 16:19; Rom 16:5).”

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